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Why ForceManager? 

Your business strategy is always results-oriented thanks to sales activity analysis and automated reports within the CRM. Analyze, plan and execute in the shortest possible time.

Accelerate business activity and generate more sales

Get a 360° overview of your entire sales process. Never lose track of client interactions, see in real time all the hard work your team is doing regardless of where they are.

Sales visibility

ForceManager's CRM logs all information quickly and instantly. You will reduce the time your team spends reporting sales activity and invest it in increasing sales. 

4 hours per week saved in administrative work 

ForceManager is an action-oriented tool that increases sales activity by up to 30%. You will get your team to focus on what matters: selling.

Sales Analytics

The fastest and easiest CRM to use

ForceManager is a cross-platform CRM that works on any device; Web, native iOS and Android apps. With an agile and simple interface, you will get 75% user adoption rate.

Trusted by World Class Sales Teams

Reporte y Análisis de ventas

Tu estrategia comercial siempre orientada a resultados con los informes de actividad personalizados y el reporte automático dentro del CRM. Analiza, planifica y ejecuta en el menor tiempo posible.

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