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ForceManager 5500 is the first sales enablement tool to combine plan data intelligence with a robust CRM. 

Consider it your comeback tool.

Reinforce Your Unique Selling Proposition

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Some of the international companies using ForceManager

ForceManager 5500 is a game-changer for advisors looking to get back into prospecting mode after a tough year, and the interface couldn’t be easier to use."

Val Ortega, hrb Retirement

Fine tune your competitive edge

Every ForceManager 5500 plan includes:

Form 5500 Plan Data from ERISApedia

Access to premium reports

Customer engagement tools

5500 reports & plan warnings

Schedule information

Geolocation of plans & prospects

Work Smarter, not harder

Robust tool

Sleek and intuitive prospecting tool that comes with pre-populated 5500 data powered by ERISApedia. Unleash your secret weapon!

User friendly

Tools designed for optimal efficiency and flexibility like in-App video conferencing - enhance your practice management from home, the office or the field for a complete hybrid experience.

Digital advisor

Quickly identify prospects and upselling opportunities in a geo-located map view based on territory, industry and plan size.

Smarter prospecting

Allows you to manage, segment and analyze plan sponsors from your phone or from the Web App with detailed reports and search capabilities.

Powerful Analytics

Voice-controlled AI assistant

ForceManager 5500 is powered by ERISApedia data for the optimal Advisor experience

ForceManager 5500 is powered by ERISApedia data for the optimal Advisor experience

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